Reflection of Renaissance Project

For some weeks before the exam starts, we did project making a porfolio about the Renaissance. I made a story book that is short, and have some illustrations on it so that little kids can also read, and understand.

It was little hard to write a story book for kids because I have never wrote it before. So I think it wasn’t really a book for kids. I like what it was made at the end but feels like I could make it better than this. Also I think it was a new thing to try for me, and gave me the chance to try a new kind of a story.


passion project plan

Passion Project


Few weeks ago, we started our passion project of this year. I decided to do it with Sheila because I thought doing with her will be better for my project that I was thinking about at that time. Now, the project has changed a little by caring about the time and experience from last year.

We decided to make a comic book and stuffs that we use in life that characters in our comic books are drawn, but after we searched some information and calculated the time, the book will be hard to get finished. So we changed the plan and started to write the list of the things that we are going to make.

  1. Mug cups
  2. Sticker
  3. Tumbler
  4. Cloth that we use to wipe the glasses
  5. Poster
  6. Notebook
  7. Pencil case [maybe]

We are going to finish it 2 weeks before we show it to other people because we need to check the qualities of the things and count the number of it and see if it is right or wrong. I hope the things look good at once because we need to pay the cost of making things and if it comes wrong, we are throwing our money a lot.

I hope this project ends successfully and stays in good memory after.


finish sketching until April 19th

Draw it again in computer/phone using proper program until May 7th

Send it to Taobao and order it successfully until May 9th

Get it all before May 16th

and then check if there is a problem or not

4 Days Holiday

From April 1st to April 4th, we had holidays to stay at home, go out and play with our friends, or go to trip with family members.

My family decided to stay in home resting quietly. At first, we were going to go out somewhere else then just staying at home but when the day came, we were too lazy to not go. The time that we went out was only when we were hungry. We went out to eat lunch/dinner in Global Center, Jahamoon [Korean Restaurant].

On Saturday, after we ate lunch, we were going to the Auchen to buy some things that we are going to use this week. While we were going there, we found a park that was full of bamboo. In there, one old man was selling sugarcane drink. I have never tried it before, and my sister wanted to drink it so we came out of the car and bought two cups of it. It didn’t taste that sweet as I heard but it tasted as lots of fruits and sugars are mixed together. I just drank it half of it because it was too sugary to drink one cup of it. However, my sister drank it all of it and wanted other half either. (sugar monster..?)







Reading Journal

Princess Deok-hye

A book that I read this weekend is called [princess Deok-hye], this book is a real story that is based on the records of the Korean history.

She was the last princess in our history, and a woman who lived really poor life having a title of last princess. When she was born, even though she was the princess of our country, she could not get the name, and also couldn’t be called as princess until she had to go to the Japan. She had to live there for a whole life about 5 years before she dies in the palace where she lived when she were young child in Korea. This book is the one that tells her life realistic and it is mostly fact about her life.

While I was reading this book, I thought about how she would feel while she was alive. I felt sad when I read the part that she had the mental disease after her daughter said to her that she hates her mom and she doesn’t want to be her daughter.

I think it is one of the best books that I have read in my life. I want to offer others too so they can know about her, and understand her.


These days, we were learning about human rights in class. We read world human rights in A4 paper and started the wikispaces project about it. The project was about making a page about one human right law by myself or in a 2~3 members in a team. I choosed to do by myself and started to search about one human right law, copyright. That I was interested about it because I am the one of the person who draws a thing and post it in SNS such as Tweeter, blog, wechat (moment) and Kakao Story (Korean Instagram).

In this project, while I was searching about it, I learnt more about copyright. Such as how long the copyright law does have effect on each object. It was much shorter than I thought before, I thought it would be more than 100 year at least but it was only 40~50 years. Also, because the punishment doesn’t work so well so the owners cannot move to protect their things by law. I knew it is hard to say something about it for my drawing not to be steeled. We can only post a word about stolen drawing and make that person never do the SNS ever. (However, they make a knew account and do it again)

I am sad about the internet was not working well and that made me can’t finish my work until the end that I wanted it to be seemed. If I had just one more day, I would have better page and words. And when we do similar project next time, I will try much harder to improve my page to look better and easy to understand what I want to talk about this topic.


Human rights about copyright

Copyright is a word that means a right of the owner of the structure to be protected by law until 40 years pass after the owner dies. Human rights about copyright is the right about the structures that one specific human made. Other people can’t follow, or make that is their’s that they made by their one idea. It is made for protect person’s work and the owner’s feeling.

I think protect of copyright is very important, because the word copyright means the owner of the structure gets right to allow spreading of their stucture and right of their one. This law is important because it the rights of the structure and the owner is not protected, the structure will be spread every where and there would be no identity of it anywhere.

By these reasons, I think copyright is have to be important part in basic human rights and this have to be done by lots of other people who thinks one person’s object is nothing.



On Friday December 12, we had half day at school. We had a pizza party and did changes of presents to each other. I brought packs of candies from Korea but it looked too small in front of other’s present. In pizza party, we ordered lots of it as much as we can, I was worried if we can’t eat all of it but when we started to eat, I noticed that it is useless worry. We ate it a lot that we had only few pieces left at the end of the day. After coming back home, I did a shower and started to prepare like doing my hair and do some makeup on my face that did not work at all.

After we ate dinner, my family and I went to a airport. While I am in the car, I texted Dabin to ask her where she is and she said she is already in the airport where they do a ticketing. When we arrived to the airport, we put our carriers on the cart and ran to the ticketing place, so we can have a seat quickly and I hopped it is not a seat right infront of the engine.  I really hopped it isn’t right infront of the engine, but I didn’t noticed right after I checked the number of a ticket that it is a number way back of the airplane and it is really right infront of the engine that will make me half crazy for 3 hours.

When we finished doing a ticketing, we went to get a check of our passport and ticket to the person in the desk, I saw Oliver there so  i said hello to him and went in to the gate. While I was writing my passport number, flight no., name, the year and day when I was born. I had to write my mom’s and sister’s either and do their signs as I remember and make one because my sister Chae won, asked me to make one for her telling me she likes how I do sign so make one similar with that.

I met Dabin there and had a talk about lots of topics. After that, we met Samuel, Ian, and Joey in the gate, we played together until the time that flight is ready comes. I was half sleeping and half awake, I listened to the music for whole hours while we are on the plane spending my lovely batteries. I was tired but didn’t want to sleep on the plane because  I always dream a night mare when I sit infront of the airplane engine. Finally, plane arrived to Korea and it stopped at the gate going in to the airport. I felt so happy when I first breath an cool air.

Reflection >^<


This unit about culture was related most of the parts that I know about the culture. Such as the culture about the female and males, funeral, caste system of ancient China and the things that is in, and called as it is a culture.

Something that extended my knowledge is the European culture from the poems. I knew things about it by reading it and searching about it to know more about it. Something new about the culture is that it is hard to be used to other culture after a person is grown up in the other culture for a long time. The reason that I thought like that is because it wasn’t that hard to be used to other culture for me. I lived several places since I was 5 years old until now for about 10 years. It wasn’t hard for me to get used to it so I was curious about why they can’t be used to it. However, my sister was not fast as me getting used to other places so I thought about her and understood them.

I used to think culture is just people like to memorize it and do it each specific days in these days that lots of culture have disappeared. Now I think the culture is the main source of creating people’s personality that will be gone forever.

This unit was not that challenging for me. It was the thing that I was interested when I was young and I was in Czech Republic. I wanted to know about Korean culture and by reading a book about it, I picked a book about Chinese culture also and read it when I was young and memorized it until now. This helped me a lot in this unit and it was much easy for me to understand this more than other units that we did. I think is the second time that I felt it is easy one to do it after we did “Romeo and Juliet” last year. I think this unit was fun and I liked to do home works about it.

World War 1 Humanities Essay (1023 words)

World War 1 essay

The start of the World War 1 was Sarajevo terror. A young terrorist from Serbia murdered Archduke Ferdinand and his wife. After the funeral of them, Austria-Hungary attacks Serbia to ask about the terror. By this war, other countries around the world start to join to it and make it huge. This becomes the start if of the World War 1. If one nation needs to be blamed, Serbia needs to be blamed about it. It was just a small group of terrorist but they were from Serbia and that means Serbia affected them to make a terror. All of the nations around the world were looking for the reason to have a war against each other. They were just about to fight each other and Austria-Hungary was one of them. In this situation, terrorist from Serbia murdered Archduke Ferdinand and his wife and it became really good reason for them to attack Serbia. We cannot blame the other nation’s fault about the World War 1, they just went to help the nations that they are close to each other.

ln World War 1, France, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Germany, Britain, Japan, Italia, Portugal, Osman Empire, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Iceland, and Norway. And in these nations, Germany and France was against each other the most. The start of the war was Serbia and Austria-Hungary but it seems like it changed to war of Germany and France. All of the nations that could do a war that time all came and made the war huge. There was a nation that stopped doing the war at the middle of it too. Some nation disappeared from Earth by this war, Russia stopped fighting in the War because in that time, lots of serious things such as revolutions happened in Russia. Also, Osman Empire disappeared from Earth by this war. They could not stand any more doing the war and other nation’s keep attacking Osman Empire wanted to get their land and at last, Osman Empire lost their land.

During World War 1, there were lots of important Alliances between the nations. Alliances are a group of nations, political parties, and people who decided to work together for their aims. In the World War 1, the alliances were for the nations that want to get good things for them. In Triple Alliances Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy participated. They did the triple alliance to protect and help each other in war and make the war does not happen between them. France, Russia, Britain had Triple Entente to support each other and defense Triple Alliance nations. These alliances were the main two alliances in World War 1 that affected the huge following of it.

After the war started, Russia was same Slavs with Serbia so they send the armies to Serbia to help them from a war against Austria-Hungary. And right after one month, other nations starts to participate in the war and help each other the nation that have alliances with. (Triple Alliances and Triple Entente) At first, Serbia did not want Russia’s help. It might be because of they did not wanted to make the war bigger anymore but Russia argued about it saying that Russia and Serbia are both same Slavs so they need to help each other. I cannot understand why Russia did that foolish thing because by helping Serbia, they became hard too. Russia became poor and lots of revolutions and fights happened in the country.

During the war, MAIN affected the war a lot. M is Militarism, A is Alliances, I is Imperialism, and N is Nationalism. These did a really important job in World War 1. These effected huge in the war like the huge amount of the powerful armies won the war. And this is often made by militarism in the country. Alliances, alliances between the countries make them be friendly each other and help each other. And two main alliances fought each other a lot during the war and one side of the alliance won the war at last and countries that were in the imperialism of that country won the war either and got prizes. Countries that are in the imperialism in the powerful country then them wanted to be independent and get their own nationalism. Few of the countries that were in the imperialism of other country became independent at the end of the war.

For an example, in World War 1, there were 2 main alliances. These 2 main alliances are Triple Alliance, and Triple Entente. Triple Alliance and Triple Entente, two international combinations of states that dominated the diplomatic history of Western Europe from 1882 until they came into armed conflict in World War I. In 1907, three countries made an alliance first during the World War 1, it is an alliance that France, Britain, and Russia. It is made for to make the power of Germany’s army to be less and it worked in some ways. By this alliance, the countries that were against them thought they need to find a way to defend them also so they also made and alliance named Triple Alliance. In 1915, the Triple Alliance is made between three countries. Triple Alliance is an alliance that Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy made and alliance to defend and attack the other countries that are in the other side of them and they are the members who made Triple Entente.

During the war, the countries wanted to increase their armies more than the other countries. So they started to increase them and make them powerful, it was only few countries at first but the amount of the countries that are increasing their army became many and the arm race began. The strong countries began to recruit young males by saying they can be a hero. Especially Germany and France were really energetic in doing this. Lots of young people died by arm race and it made the war worse but in the other way, end it faster.

The war ended in 1918, when the Germany surrenders to end the war. The war was for 4 years since it started in 1914 after the Sarajevo incident happened.




Written by, Victoria Hwang

Grade 9


The Serpent’s Children comic reflection

In language art class, I read a book named ‘The Serpent’s Children.’ It is a book about the story of a young girl of ancient China living with her family. In the book, it shows the life of the Chinese family that is poor. I made a comic about the book relating the culture and explaining about it. I made 3 pages of it and while I am doing it, I searched lots of things about the Chinese culture. I could learn about lots of new things that I did not know about the ancient Chinese culture. After I finish doing it, I presented it in front of the class explaining why I chose to do comics to explain the book, what I learned during the project, and what I feel after I finished it. It was fun to do this project, I learned lots of things and this was a good experience.

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